Rcparams for tick frequency?

Hi guys,

I’m the author of http://messymind.net/2012/07/making-matplotlib-look-like-ggplot/ which has gained a bit of interest so I’d like to clean it up and package it as a module to put on github. I’d like to know if I can control tick frequency via rcparams or whether there’s a way to do it better than my current approach of

ax.xaxis.set_minor_locator(MultipleLocator((plt.xticks()[0][1]-plt.xticks()[0][0]) / 2.0))

This fails in a number of cases like date axes and assumes linear major tick distribution.

My other question is how should I go about having a function automatically called on all axes prior to the figures being displayed or saved. My current implementation requires the user to call rstyle(axis) prior to rendering, I’d like to abstract this away.

Thanks in advance,