quiver plots on top of each other?


I would like to have a set of quiver plots on top of each other: the x/y
positions remain the same but the arrows have different directions. The
arrays are largely empty so the multiple-arrow problem is not that bad
(and very interesting). Can this be done? Right now only the last quiver
plot is visible, the others are gone after plotting.

The objective is multiple arrows on one x/y location, in different
colors. If this can be done in another way please share it.

If it is of any importance: I have arrays with x/y/u/v data, and for
all arrays the x/y positions are the same.


Got it working!

(new problems in the making...)

Got it working!

It would be nice to post your solution here in case others are interested.

(new problems in the making…)

Good, can’t wait to hear them!

Ben Root


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