quiver and masked array

Anyone who has not done such a compilation is likely to run

    > into missing devel packages (because they don't get
    > installed by default), but installing them using synaptic or
    > apt-get should be easy, and a matter of only a few minutes.
    > (It might help if we had a list of exactly which packages
    > are needed--has anyone compiled this? Any volunteers for a
    > wiki entry, if there isn't one already?)

Here is the starter list which I made from a redhat distro a couple of
years ago -- much of this is probably still accurate but should be
updated by distro and wiki-ized

    * matplotlib core: zlib, zlib-devel, libpng, libpng-devel,
         freetype, freetype-devel, freetype-utils

    * gtk/gtkagg backend: gtk2-devel, gtk+-devel, pygtk2, glib-devel,
        pygtk2-devel, gnome-libs-devel, pygtk2-libglade

    * tk backend: tcl, tk, tkinter

    * wx/wxagg backends - the wxpython rpms from wxpython

For example, I think the tcl/tk need to have some devel libs added.