Question On Implementation

Hello NG,

    I am building a GUI with wxPython+Matplotlib, using the WXAgg backend.
Basically, what I would like to do, is the following:

1) Having a series of points (x and y coordinates), plot these points (obvious
:wink: );
2) I would like to be able to interact with every single point in this series
(using the buttondown and buttonmotion functions of Matplotlib);
3) The interaction should include point selection (with some kind of "highlight"
when I select one or more point), point editing (move a point in the x or
y direction using the mouse);
4) I would like to be able to plot an interpolation of the selected points,
with a straight line (in a least squares sense), and then be able to interact
with this line (move it, delete it and so on).

Now, the question: Which is the best approach with Matplotlib for this kind
of interaction? Should I plot every point using plot(x1, y1), plot(x2, y2)
etc...? Or should I use Collections (i have no idea on what to do with collections)?
Scattered plots? Does anyone have any suggestion/pointer for me? Some examples
of editing/interacting with plots?

Thanks for every suggestion.