Question about toolbar customization

Dear all,

I have two suggestions about toolbar customization:

1. In the 'matplotlibrc' file the toolbar line should be changed in order to include a "custom toolbar"

toolbar : toolbar2 # None | classic | toolbar2 | custom

2. In the ' file', inside the 'NavigationToolbar2TkAgg class' the
    save_figure procedure should be changed to somewhat:

    def save_figure(self):
        from tkFileDialog import asksaveasfilename
        fname = asksaveasfilename(master=self.window,
                                  title='Save the figure',
                                  filetypes=[('Encapsulated Postscript File','*.eps'),
                                             ('Scalable Vector Graphics','*.svg'),
                                             ('Portable Network Graphics','*.png')])
# initialfile=InitialFilename)
        if fname == "" :
            bname, fext = os.path.splitext(fname)
            if (fext.lower()=='.png'):
                self.canvas.print_figure(fname, dpi=300)
            elif (fext.lower()=='.eps'):
            elif (fext.lower()=='.svg'):

    I think that the asksaveasfilename function provided by tkFileDialog is "better"

3. In the code above there are three problems that I don't know how to solve (I am a Python newbie):
a) this solves only one backend...
b) I would like to provide the 'asksaveasfilename' an InitialFilename, such as in the commented line.
c) It would be much better to make my customizations by defining a "custom toolbar" instead of
tweaking the original one...

Clovis Goldemberg