Question about Matplotlib system performance

A small problem - I downloaded the tar/zipped file to my

    > pc, but winzip errors on onloading it. I downloaded
    > something called power zip and have the same problem.
    > There's an error msg that the archive may be corrupt.

Oh, I assumed you were on a UNIX platform because of the Solaris
reference. Here's a link to a windows installer

    > As far as the patch, would that require re-building the
    > software?

Yep, and this is far from trivial on win32. Hopefully, the pygtk
maintainers will include the patch in the next release, but there has
been grumbling on the pygtk list about patches collecting dust. In
any case, I cache most of the relevant stuff now, so repeated draws
should not expose the memory leak as before.

Give it a try.