Question about (local) developement workflow


i have a question about my personal developement workflow. I wanted to
fix a bug in matplotlib, therefore i checked out the repository.

Then i have to "install" matplotlib (with build,
install). But every time i chenged something, i have to reinstall mpl to
test my changes.

I could make my changes directly in site-packages/matplotlib, but then
it's not version-controlled and the changes must be transferred back.

This workflow seems to be suboptimal, do i miss something?


It sounds like you’re doing it right. Make changes to the source
directory, compile, then test. There are some ways to streamline
this. One is to leave a terminal window or tab open just for
compiling – then each compile is just a matter of “up arrow,

As an emacs user, I use the "compile" command.  You can replace the

default command that it runs (“make”) to (“python
install”). I then bind F5 to “recompile” which saves all of my
unsaved buffers, and then reinstalls. I suspect most other
programmer’s editors and IDEs have a similar feature.