Question about drawing value text for a slider


I'm using a slider widget from matplotlib and I've been trying to
update just the slider bar using blit for faster animation because if
I use draw() for the whole canvas it is too slow. I got the bar to
animate faster using this method (though it doesn't look perfect), but
I can't figure out how to draw the slider value that shows up next to
the slider. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My code for the
slider is something like this:

import pylab as p
from matplotlib.widgets import Slider

axsigma = p.axes([0.25, 0.10, 0.65, 0.03], axisbg=axcolor)
slider1 = Slider (axsigma, 'Sigma',0.20, 18,
valinit=s0,dragging=True, fc='blue')


def update (val):



Eli Lyons