Quartz backend (beta)

  In learning matplotlib's backend API I played around

    > in starting a Quartz image backend. FWIW I am posting
    > this if anyone wants to have a look. I made a quick page
    > on my wiki:

    > http://euclid.uits.iupui.edu/wiki/index.php/Matplotlib

Hey Charles,

It was good to meet you at scipy -- thanks for putting this up.

    > I am probably more interested in starting a PyObjC
    > backend to provide interactive and agg options as well.
    > Is this something that should wait for the backend
    > refactoring???

I think you should proceed with this. The GUI stuff is independent of
the backend rendering, so will work regardless. You might take a look
at the gtk backend as a guide, which is the most modular in the sense
that you can reuse the gtk GUI components with Cairo, Agg or native
GDK rendering. Also, if you incorporate agg rendering, you'll be
insulated from any backend changes, since agg will handle the drawing.
Finally, if you want to use native rendering which I think you should
since you've already gotten a good start, it will be an easy port in
any case since most of the issues will be the same whichever final
backend API we settle on.