Qt fixes

Sorry about that - you didn't miss any emails. I put it on my to-do list and then it got swamped w/ other work and I sort of forgot about it.

We've made a few bug fixes w/ regard to keyboard focus so I incorporated those into the Fernando's version of the backend. Attached is the file that contains Fernando's mod's for ipython and those bug fixes. Everything seems to be working fine w/ his changes.


backend_qt.py (10.1 KB)


At 09:40 PM 5/17/2005, you wrote:

    > Sounds good. I'll take a look at it tomorrow (Thursday).

    > With these changes and the corresponding ones to ipython
    > (not in CVS yet, give me a day or two), it becomes
    > possible to use ipython to interactively drive Qt
    > applications, including matplotlib interactive plotting
    > with the QtAgg backend.

    >> Hey guys thanks for working on this -- Ted and colleagues at
    >> JPL, if you haven't used ipython for interactive plotting with
    >> mpl, it is very nice, and I definitely recommend giving it a
    >> try when Fernando gets his changes in CVS. Could you all look
    >> over this patch and make sure it doesn't conflict with anything
    >> your group is doing with the qt backend and if it looks good to
    >> you I'll merge it in.
    >> JDH

Hi Ted,

Any word on this patch? (did I mess an email?)