pywcsgrid2 0.1b1 : matplotlib with astronomical fits images


I am pleased to announce the release of pywcsgrid2 0.1b1.

pywcsgrid2 is a python module to be used with matplotlib for
displaying astronomical fits images. It provides a custom Axes class
(derived from mpl's original Axes class) suitable for displaying fits
images. Its main functionality is to draw ticks, ticklabels, and grids
in an appropriate sky coordinates.

For a sampling, take a look at the gallery

* Provide a custom Matplotlib Axes class based on
mpl_toolkits.axisartist module

* Easy integration with mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1 module




* matplotlib v1.0 (or later)
* a wcs module (pywcs or Kapteyn)
* pyfits.

Supported OS
* Linux & OS X
* pywcsgrid2 itself is a pure python module.


Home page :

Overview doc. :

Download :

github :

For questions, bug reports or feature suggestions, please use the
issue tracker in the github or contact me via email.