[Pythonmac-SIG] [Matplotlib-users] Matplotlib Universal Package

This patch fixed osx's numpy issue and doesn't cause problems on win32
or linux for me. I went ahead and committed it. Thanks Andrew.

- Charlie


On 5/24/06, Andrew Straw <strawman@...36...> wrote:

Dear Sam,

Could you please try the following patch? I think it will fix the issue,
but I'm not sure -- I don't have this problem on my linux system. If it
works, I'll commit it to svn.

(Robert Kern suggested modifying the setup.py to include a compiler
command-line directive. IMO this is better because it will be in the
source file and is thus more visible to anyone who wants to re-use the
code. Additionally, it will modify the file, triggering a re-build.)

Samuel M. Smith wrote:

>Well, I gave up. I regressed and installed numpy 0.9.6 from the
>package installer and looks like matplotlib works now.
>It sure blows my confidence when two months go by and there are
>enough changes that I can't install from source anymore.
>I would like to try again but it would be nice to know what you did
>to get it to work since what I did last time no longer works.
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