PyPlot crashes upon closing

cabraut <cabraut@...83...> writes:

Dear Jakob and Ben,

I am seeing the same error. This is with a clean install of Python 2.7,
numpy 1.6.1, and matplotlib 1.0.1 (all 32-bit versions running under a Win 7
64-bit OS). In fact, all I am doing to test this is to execute the
'' example that is on the examples web page, with the
button calls at the end of the script uncommented. Any attempt to use that
'Quit' button causes the NULL tstate error.

Any info on this would be appreciated. I'm not saying I'm an expert, but
given that this isn't working "out of the box," it appears to be a bug.


Benjamin Root-2 wrote:
>> Hej there!
>> I am using PyPlot to draw onto a Tkinter GUI (in Python 2.6). Works fine,
>> but when I close the window (root.destroy()) PyPlot apparently crashes
>> with
>> the error message "Fatal Python error: PyEval_RestoreThread: NULL tstate"
>> (error 0x40000015).
> Jakob,
> A little while back, we put out an important v1.0.1 release that addressed
> many issues with the various backends. While I don't remember all of the
> bugs it fixed, it may have fixed that one. I would suggest installing
> that
> version and seeing if it work for you.
> Ben Root


I've been having the same problem and it has been driving me crazy that I
couldn't find a solution for the situation when you want to close the main
window using the X Button at the top right corner. Finally I managed to get it
working by using:

def _quit():

if __name__=='__main__':


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