pylab import error (backends related)

I posted this on scipy-user ML, then tried here and it bounced (?), so
now I'm trying again. Sigh...

OK, so I can't import pylab, but everything else (import numpy, scipy,
matplotlib and gtk) works fine.

These are installed:
scipy.__version__ returns '0.5.1'
numpy.__version__ returns '1.0rc1'
matplotlib.__version__ returns '0.87.6'

My options in for matplotlib was set to build Agg and
GTKAgg ( = 1) only, the others all = 0. If I leave them at 'auto' as
per default, matplotlib doesn't build (?). I use Ubuntu Dapper -

Over the weekend I managed to find the cause of the problem: Me.

I set Agg = 1, GTKAgg = 1 and GTK = 1 (the rest = 0) in and
now the pylab interface is happy. Previously GTK = 0 and it seems
pylab was looking for a shared library that's built if GTK = 1.