Pylab example ( only works for png

I suspect the fix is as simple as twiddling a single line of code, it's
just not obvious to me how the image flipping is supposed to work to
have consistent behavior across backends -- and I hope another developer
here has a clue...

I suspect this is related to the problem described at

The problem does not seem to be alignment but that the image is rendered
upside down. The PDF backend does

    # get rgba data of image and write it in the output file

and if I comment out the flipud_out calls, I get that particular case
right but then the image_origin example is wrong.

Revision 5618 added a flipud_out call to Axes.draw:

            if self.images[0].origin=='upper':

The log message is:


r5618 | jdh2358 | 2008-06-20 20:09:12 +0300 (Pe, 20 Kes 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/matplotlib/examples/api/
   M /trunk/matplotlib/examples/pylab_examples/
   M /trunk/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/
   M /trunk/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/backends/
   M /trunk/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/
   M /trunk/matplotlib/src/_gtkagg.cpp
   M /trunk/matplotlib/src/_image.cpp

added origin support for composite images

I think this was discussed further in some emails between me, Haibao
Tang, and John Hunter, but at least I have been too busy to spend much
time on matplotlib lately. I hope this helps somebody track the bug