[Pyaos] CAPE and CIN calculation in Python

Thomas (and others),

As the author of the original matplotlib code that you ran with (and
extended greatly!) I wanted to note two things:

1) Fixes to matplotlib to add skew transforms and make them work better for
plots is in master and should go out in 1.4. A basic version
of the SkewT plot is in the tree under examples/api/skewt.py

2) I've been (slowly) working on fleshing out that script with more
features (and more class-based) on a branch here:



On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 4:36 PM, Thomas Chubb <thomas.chubb@...4514...>wrote:

Gokhan [and others],

Thanks for showing an interest in SkewT. This has been a side project for
me for a little while now, and only publicly available on PyPI in the last
12 months or so. I haven't been maintaining the github repository, so
please get the latest version from here:


I'll take the github repository down in the very near future unless I hear
howls of protest.

Regarding CAPE and CIN, these have been on my to-do list for a while. I
agree that it would be a nice feature to include on the SkewT plots, but I
don't really know the best way to proceed, but it would be nice to get some
thoughts from the community.

Ryan May
Graduate Research Assistant
School of Meteorology
University of Oklahoma