Psyco error

Hi, When I try to use Psyco with matplotlib-0.71 I get the

    > error below.


    > self.figwidth*self.dpi, TypeError: unsupported operand
    > type(s) for *: 'BinOp' and 'BinOp'

    > Any ideas? thanks, Stefan

I don't have much experience with pysco. All I can add is that BinOp
is an extension code class that derives from LazyValue, and is
designed to defer evaluation of scalars and operations until needed.
The point of this is to allow you to do things like window resizes and
have all your transforms update w/o needing an observer pattern. The
classes are described in a bit more detail in .

Does pyscho play well with extension modules in general? Surely it
must. It's possible that this is revealing an error in mpl code,
pycxx code, or it may be on the psyco side. I would be willing to
work with you to compose a minimal example if you want to pursue it.
You could start with

  from matplotlib.transforms import Value
  v1 = Value(1)
  v2 = Value(2)
  v3 = v1*v2
  print v3.get() # should be 4