PSF GSoC 2010 (Py3K focus)


Given the interest in participating in the GSoC this summer, I am
forwarding a very interesting email from Titus Brown. If you are
interested in doing a GSoC or mentoring, please read his email

Basically, the PSF will be focuing on Py3K-related projects. Given
Pauli's work on Py3K support for NumPy, I think we might be in a good
position to move forward on porting the rest of our stack to Py3K. So
we should focus on projects to:

1. finish porting and testing NumPy with Py3K
2. port and test SciPy with Py3K
3. port and test matplotlib with Py3K
4. port and test ipython with Py3K
5. etc.

Given the PSF's stated emphasis this year, it probably doesn't make
sense to pursue any non-Py3K projects.



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Hi all,

it's that time of year again, and Google has decided to run the Google
Summer of Code again!

Arc Riley has stepped up to run it for the PSF again this year, and I'm
backstopping him. If you are interested in mentoring or kibbitzing on those
who are, please sign up for the soc2010-mentors mailing list here,

This year we're proposing to solicit and prioritize applications for
Python 3.x -- 3K tools, porting old projects, etc. Python 2.x projects
will be a distinct second. There will be no "core" category this year,
although obviously if someone on one of the core teams wants to push a
project it'll help!

If you have an idea for a project, please send it to the -mentors list and add
it to the wiki at

We're also going to change a few things up to make it more useful to the PSF.

- the foundation is going to *require* 1 blog post/wk from each student.

- we're going to hire an administrative assistant to monitor the students.

- the student application process will be a bit more rigorous and job-app
like; the Django SF has been doing this for at least one round and they
claim that it results in much better and more serious students.

- we'll be focusing on student quality more than on project egalitarianism.
If project X can recruit three fantastic students to one fantastic and one
mediocre student for project Y, then project X gets three and project Y
gets one.

The hope is that this will make the GSoC much more useful for Python than
it has been in the past.

Arc will be posting something to the site and python-announce
soon, too.

Followups to soc2010-mentors.

C. Titus Brown, ctb@...821...

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