Pseudo 3D plot

* Robert Kern

Fabian Braennstroem wrote:

Hi Robert,

* Robert Hetland <hetland@...760...>

In my ubuntu 0.3.2 and archlinux 0.4.8 version there is no
such delauny directory. There exists a sandbox directory,
but this looks like: __init__.pyc __init__.pyo build
setup.pyc setup.pyo

Do I miss any package or should I download it by hand from

This is in the scipy source, not in the scipy directory installed in
python/lib. This should be downloaded by default if you download
from svn. BTW, kudos to Robert Kern for making this excellent
griding package.

I could install the package using the svn version, thanks!
But now, I am not sure, if it works. It seems for me that it
is a different problem compared to Nils. I get:

`--> python
/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/matplotlib/ UserWarning: Bad val "numpy" on line #33
        "numerix : numpy #Numeric # Numeric or numarray"
        in file "/etc/matplotlibrc"
        Numerix must be Numeric or numarray

You have an old version of matplotlib. I would suggest upgrading if you want to
use numpy with matplotlib.

Thanks, I just thought that my dapper/ubuntu is a little bit
fresher ... I will try it in the next days and let you know.



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