ps backend problems

Me again,

I have a postscript backend prob. It seems, that the postscript export from the gui (GTKAgg) produces wrong bbox parameters (it doesn't matter if I choose eps or ps).

Saving the figure do not show any error. Opening it with gv I get a figure with a bounding box (with both ps/eps). Then, choosing A4 as page size, the figure is moved to the upper border of the sheet, so that only the x-axis is seen.

I changed from ghostscript 7.07 to gnu-ghostscript 8.16 to fix it, but had no luck. The same with changing to 0.84

In my .matplotlibrc the page size is set A4. I see the same behaviour with any page size (A4, letter, B4, ...)

Is this a known bug, or do I have to change other settings to solve the problem ?