PS backend now working with the mathtex Unicode Fonts classes

So now you can choose between the old BaKoMa fonts and any Unicode fonts.

Unfortunately, I managed to get the PS filesize for the BaKoMa fonts
to be even bigger (over 2 MB for Can you see the
changes to I made John, and comment?

However, the filesize is 1+ MB with the Times New Roman italic fonts
(MS, Unicode aware).

The StandardPSFonts (afm) don't seem to work, and it's not because the
changes I made.

One naming question.
Is it OK to change the name of the classes like: Fonts -> FontBundle
etc.? It's much more intuitive IMO.

I have created a patch against the SVN. You can try changes I made by
uncommenting the appropriate lines in the function
math_parse_s_ft2font_common in, and you can change the
MyUnicodeFonts class by adding your fonts.

Does anyone now what fonts does OpenOffice use for its math stuff? And AbiWord?

Feel free to comment

Have fun,

mathtext.patch (70.3 KB)