PS and imshow

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This may not be what it seems. The native coordinate system for
PostScript is in points, which are 1/72 if an inch, so it's common to
force that as a dpi. [...]

Yes, this is exactly right and the reason we do it this way. We
support fractional points so indeed you have higher resolutions. Off
the top of my head, I am not sure what is going on with the image
resolution problem....

I just tried with current svn, and the following script produces two
results that have visibly different resolutions:

from pylab import *
foo = rand(10,10)
savefig('', dpi=10)
savefig('', dpi=100)

Perhaps the original poster could show a bit of code where the scaling

(I'm not sure if figimage is doing the right thing, though...)


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