problems with semilogy and debian

Hi there I use matplotlib from within ipyton (simply by

    > calling $ipython -pylab in a shell window). I'm using the
    > debian packages as mentioned on the matplotlib homepage on
    > a Debian sarge system. Everything works fine except the
    > semilogy command behaves a bit strange (I'm new to
    > matplotlib so it is maybe my mistake). After starting
    > ipython in pylab mode I do the following:

What is happening is a little complicated, but it is a know limitation
of 0.71. The problem is that the autoscaler set the axis limits to
include zero (which it shouldn't) and the log transformer works on
tick locations too. That's where the log of zero came in.

Good news for you -- a lot of work has gone into making log scaling
*just work* in CVS. You can toggle between log and linear y axes by
pressing 'l' with your mouse over the axes, nonpositive data points
are dropped, the autoscaler keeps track of your least positive data
point and will auto set the view limits accordingly.

The release is due out today -- stay tuned...