Problems with matplotlib

Jos?> Yes, it was the version I downloaded and tried. I tried the
    Jos?> running, and I got the exact picture shown in
    Jos?> the homepage (the quality of the image still amazes me). The
    Jos?> window is shown without any problems, but with the figure
    Jos?> saved in a file, it results in a figure bigger than the
    Jos?> page, so the result is clipped.

OK, the fix is in. For the record there were three problems that
needed fixing.

  1) backend_tkagg, gtkagg and wxagg were doing way to much work on a
     call to print_figure. All that is needed is to forward the call
     onto agg, which now handles ps detection itself.

  2) When creating figures with the PS backend (not switching backends
     as in tkagg->ps) the matlab interface needed to detect this
     situation and override any default DPI that is set since PS is
     always 72. When the figures used to be coupled to the backend,
     this happened at the backend level. Apparently something was
     lost in translation.

  3) Any time the figure dpi is set the new Figure.resize method needs
     to be called so it can update it's bounding box - not too elegant
     but works for now. This call forwards the resize call down to
     it's axes, so the axes resize commands no longer need to be made.

Fortunately, all the fixes were a the python level, so you should just
be able to unzip this file in your site-packages dir and be good to go

CVS is also updated.

Let me know how it goes...