Problems with matplotlib

Jos?> Yes, it was the version I downloaded and tried. I tried the
    Jos?> running, and I got the exact picture shown in
    Jos?> the homepage (the quality of the image still amazes me). The
    Jos?> window is shown without any problems, but with the figure
    Jos?> saved in a file, it results in a figure bigger than the
    Jos?> page, so the result is clipped.

    Jos?> I have the EPS generated, I can send them directly to you or
    Jos?> to the list, if you want to look at them.

OK, you're right. I hadn't noticed it before because my postscript
viewer was showing the who figure. When I measure it the postscript
figure extends beyond the 8 inches that it should if you are using the
standard figsize=8,6.

This is related to the centering 640 thing Todd noticed earlier. I'll
work on a fix.