Problems with Matplotlib and Python 2.6 - SOLVED

Dear ALL,

I finally solved the problems with displying graphics in Matplotib
with Python 2.6 under Ubuntu Jaunty.

It just turned out that, when upgrading from Intrepid to Jaunty,
several required development packages were removed from the system. I
just discovered that when trying to build and install the latest
version of MPL from source. When I installed them, I could build,
install and run the latest version ( and it is working well!

I had a similar problem with the wxPython 2.8 GUI library (all my GUI
applications which worked well under Python 2.5 broke after the
upgrade to Python 2.6), however in this case the wxPython developers
mantain their own software repository, so that it was just a question
of updating the software sources.

Despite a few ours of pain/panic, I'm rather satisfied with Ubuntu
Jaunty (and surely Karmic and Lynx are even better), which runs faster
and easily than Intrepid and has less bugs than Hardy.

Thanks to Sandro Tosi, Darren Dale, and Scott Sinclair for their suggestions.

With warmest regards,


Dr. Mauro J. Cavalcanti
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