problems with latest CVS

Hi john, I've been away for a couple of weeks, and I just

    > did a "cvs update" to test the new features especially the
    > WX backend which I was very anxious to test.

I guess this is why they call CVS bleeding edge, eh? Yes, bug crept
in last night and is fixed in CVS as of early this morning. Note to
self: don't do commits over an xterm past 11PM.

However, the wx backend has not yet caught up with the latest changes
since Jeremy is out of town until Friday. I expect he'll do an update

I've uploaded a Nov 15th snapshot which has a working wx backend to a
temporary web site. There are still a number of known bugs (eg,
figure placement and size) that Jeremy is systematically squashing but
it won't be long (target date early December). Have fun testing.
Please let us know if you find any bugs not in the known bugs section
of backends/