[problems with closing figure, memory problem ?]

Sorry for the previsou post. Tweaking a bit I found that probably the problem is not in the visualisation but in cleaning memory.
I use a function to make four plot calling two subfunction.
the plot are called plotrisp and plotlev in everyone of them any tome i use a figure I also close it. But if I only use one fuction it do the plot. WhenI try to use them to plot no way it stuck in the end.
So I had the same problem while calling multiple plots with multiple function
Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the dup post



pyplotrisp.py (737 Bytes)

b.txt (399 Bytes)

disper.txt (5.8 KB)

gr.tar.tar.bz2 (6.85 KB)

lab.txt (822 Bytes)

pyplotlev.py (769 Bytes)

I've succeded in solving the problem that seems due to usage of show.
Both of the function i called had a show function enabled that seems to confuse a bit the behaviour of matplotlib.
so I commented in both function show and only put it in the module that called both function.
Not to comfortable if you have to call a lot of function that use show command but it worked :slight_smile: