Problems with (and fixes?)

I'm having some regression issues with compared to in "".

I'm using pylab.clabel(...,manual=True) expecting my figure to ask me to input the locations of the contour labels. All was fine in, it does not seem to work with

After some investigations I found:

1. With rev 7591, the button1, button2, and button3 methods in the BlockingMouseInput class have been renamed to mouse_event_add, mouse_event_stop, and mouse_event_stop. To date, these changes have not been made to BlockingContourLabeler which still has the button1 and button2 method that are in charge of actually adding and removing the new labels, and that are never called.
Replacing button1 by mouse_event_add and button3 by mouse_event_pop seems to return the "manually add contour label" functionality.

2. After that change, I get a crash on mouse_button_stop in BlockingMouseInput on line 196:
TypeError: stop_event_loop() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)
After confirmation from the docuemntation that stoip_event_loop() should indeed not take any argument I would fix line 196 with:
  < self.fig.canvas.stop_event_loop(event)
  > self.fig.canvas.stop_event_loop()