problems merging docfixs to master from v1.0.x

Benjamin Root <ben.root@...553...> writes:

I managed to merge my docfix/improve_description branch over to v1.0.x, but
I am having trouble merging correctly over to master. It appears that the
README.osx and make.osx files were changed in v1.0.x, but not in

That was me: those changes don't apply cleanly to master, so I have
another pull request with the corresponding changes. I made some changes
it to recently, and it had not received any comments after that, so I
was hesitant to merge it yet.

I tried to merge my changes into master with the no-op "ours" strategy
to prevent exactly this kind of problems while waiting for the other
request to move forward, but apparently I didn't do it right. I'll take
a look tonight (but right now I must attend to other things).


Jouni K. Sepp�nen