problems installing matplotlib

George Myers <George.B.Myers@...481...> writes:

However, when I try 2.5.3 for example I am getting the following:

The following looks like the script found numpy and freetype just fine:

                 numpy: 1.2.1
             freetype2: 9.8.3

But then there was some other problem:

                libpng: 1.2.8
X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.
X connection to cfe3:42.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

I don't know why it's trying to open an X11 connection, but it could
be caused by some of the toolkit checks related to the interactive
backends. Does it help to unset DISPLAY when running, as

env DISPLAY= /path/to/python25

Perhaps there is a step that I need to do before running python build that I am unaware of. I am not all that familiar with
python in general.

One slightly subtle thing is that if PKG_CONFIG_PATH is used to
determine which version of freetype gets used - calls
pkg-config to find the compilation flags.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen

Doh! I was misinterpreting what the message meant. So, what it is
saying is that it found those

things, even libpng, but was then attempting for some reason to make a
connection to my

X server, and failing because of my convoluted connections. Sigh. I
had interpreted that

part of the message as the script attempting to connect to some site to
get the dependencies!

haha. Well, unsetting DISPLAY did the trick! Thanks for the


Jouni K. Seppänen wrote: