problems installing matplotlib 0.99 for pyhton 2.6 mac osx 10.5

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Dear all,

i have python 2.6 running on my mac osx 10.5, however when installing
the binary file provided, it says i need to have python 2.6 on my
machine. i dont understand why this is happening as when open a new
terminal and type 'python', python version 2.6.2 is the version that
is run. My supervisor also had a look at this and could not figure it
out. He linked python 2.6 with the python command but the install file
still did not recognise python 2.6.

anybody have the same issue? or know of how to fix this issue?

is there a.tar.gz version so i can build via terminal?

Thank You


I think that the official Mac binary installer wants Python 2.6.x to be
a framework build in /Library/Frameworks (e.g. as you would get by
installing the Mac python at Unfortunately, there are many
other pythons, including fink, MacPorts and Apple's preinstalled version
(which is 2.5.something on MacOS X 10.5, so that's not the problem).

So which python do you have? One way to find out: in Terminal type
"which python" and tell us the results.

-- Russell


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