Problem with unvisible tick labels when x<10000

Hi, I have a bug when I want to turn off the tick labels

    > on subplots where upper limits reaches 10000: the
    > "magnitude" string (x1e4) doesn't get erased. Example:

You can make the "offsetText" instance invisible too

    from pylab import *

    ax1 = subplot(2,2,1)
    invisible = ax1.get_xticklabels() + ax1.get_xticklabels()

    ax2 = subplot(2,2,2)
    invisible.extend( ax2.get_xticklabels() + ax2.get_xticklabels() )

    setp(invisible, visible=False)

    ax3 = subplot(2,2,3)

    ax4 = subplot(2,2,4)
    setp(ax4.get_yticklabels(), visible=False)