problem with <type 'array'> in pcolor

Rod Holland wrote:

Thanks for the reply. So matplotlib should probably call numarray, huh.

Well I would like it to, but realistcally, there are many reasons
people still need to use Numeric (scipy being one).

How are you handling this transition time? I assume Numeric is being
imported rather than numarray or is something going on in disutils that
checks first for numarray and then defaults to numeric if not present?

Numeric is loaded by default unless you set one of the ways of
making numarray the default (it's described on the matplotlib
web site (see
thought the link to the numerix page doesn't work for me at the

If not, do you agree that the code should change so that it works
in either

I'll leave it to John to decide on that, but it would seem so
(though I don't know how many similar cases there are in the
code like this; it may suggest a utility function to coerce
rank-0 arrays to scalars or some such thing).