problem with svg and eps file

I disagree with you on it John the example I show you was

    > with a small vector but I did this with some spectra with
    > thousands points and more than one spectra in the same
    > plot. Even if I want only a plot with 10% of all the
    > spectrum (I want to study a specific wavelength region
    > for example) I have all (100%) the spectra in the file
    > and that can means a lot of point completely not
    > revlevant for this specific plot. That can increase a lot
    > the size of the file. I did the test and when I cut
    > myself by hand the specific range I want to plot the size
    > of the eps or svg file decrease by a huge amount (totally
    > dependant of the spectra)

OK, I understand. This is the problem of data clipping we have
discussed on this list before. Would you mind filing a support
request for this on the sf site?