problem with svg and eps file

The im2.svg file looks fine to me when rendered by
gqview. I do see
the problem you are describing in inkscape. It is
because inkscape is
not respecting the clipping rectangle. This looks
very much like an
inkscape bug and not a matplotlib bug so you should
file a bug report
or a support request on the inkscape project, or
just look for a
status report on clipping.

oki I will do this.

    > software who can edit vectoriel format.
Another problem
    > is the size of this files who are far
too big. I don't
    > know how to change it. In a bitmap file
like png file or
    > jpg that doesn't matter because the
pixel are just
    > overlay but we loose the interest to
have a vectoriel
    > format. One solution is that the user
cut himself is plot
    > but it's not the good way (I think).

I don't think there is a problem with file size for
SVG (I'm getting
12k for the one created by your script). There is a
problem with EPS
because we are embedding the entire truetype font in
the file. This
is a known bug which will be fixed as soon as we can
so please bear
with us. You can set the rc parameter

ps.useafm : True # use of afm fonts --
breaks mathtext but results in small files

To avoid this problem with PS/EPS file size.

I disagree with you on it John the example I show you
was with a small vector but I did this with some
spectra with thousands points and more than one
spectra in the same plot. Even if I want only a plot
with 10% of all the spectrum (I want to study a
specific wavelength region for example) I have all
(100%) the spectra in the file and that can means a
lot of point completely not revlevant for this
specific plot. That can increase a lot the size of the
file. I did the test and when I cut myself by hand the
specific range I want to plot the size of the eps or
svg file decrease by a huge amount (totally dependant
of the spectra)

But anymay thanks to point me the problem with
inkscape, I'll tell them.



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