problem with size of axes with imshow

Dear List,

When I run this little file (I call it, I get a different answer on my Mac (the correct answer) than Windows (the wrong answer).

from pylab import *

c = ones((10,20))

ax = imshow©


print ax.get_axes().get_position()

On my Mac I get:

run testimage

Bbox(array([[ 0.125 , 0.24166667],

[ 0.9 , 0.75833333]]))

On Windows I get:

run testimage

Bbox(array([[ 0.125, 0.1 ],

[0.9, 0.9 ]]))

Any thoughts? When I type the commands in at the IPython prompt it works most of the time (on Windows), but it never works when running the file. What in the world could be different?

mp version 1.1.0 on both systems.

Thanks for your help,