Problem with show()

Eric Firing <efiring@...83...> writes:

For this to work, you need to be in matplotlib's interactive mode,
either by running ipython with the -pylab option, or by calling
plt.ion() before your call to show(). In either of these cases, your
example code works for me with ipython from git, mpl from svn, and using
drag/drop to enter the code in ipython. I am also on ubuntu 10.10,
64-bit, with gtkagg backend.


I was running my example with the -pylab option set in ipython, and adding a
call to plt.ion() doesn't change things. I also run gtkagg backend. I guess I
have a problem with my installation of matplotlib, unless this is something that
changed after mpl-1.0. I will try mpl-svn next and see.