problem with saving eps files with large y amplitudes

I have to plot some things that are the results of

    > hyperbolic sines and cosines. This leads to large
    > amplitudes on the y-axis. I am having trouble saving these
    > plots to eps files. But I have done this successfully
    > before.

    > These lines

    > b=arange(1,40,0.5) y=sinh(b) figure(5) plot(b,y)
    > savefig('test3.eps') savefig('test3.png')

    > where the png is fine and the eps shows only an empty axis.

    > I have to get my thesis to my committee next week and I am
    > freaking out a bit.

It looks fine for me using matplotlib svn -- try dropping the attached
backend_ps file into your site-packages/matplotlib/backends/ dir

Darren went through some last minute matplotlib thesis panics too,
mainly over mathtext, but got through. Breath deeply -- I'm sure we
can get it worked out.... (52.6 KB)