Problem with plots being appended


I am using pylab to plot several graphs. One graph appears in one class where I
do the following:

plot_date(date, y, 'g-o')
savefig(path, dpi=75)

Later on, in a different class, I do the a similar call:

plot_date(d, z, 'b-')
savefig(path, dpi=75)

My problem is that the second call to plot_date simply appends the new line to
the original graph and I am not sure why since the new graph also has new axis
and a new label.

It seems that the problem can be solved by calling hold(False) after plotting
the first line. Yet, I would think that when I call the plot command in a
separate class and set up the axis labels, etc. that it would automatically
create a new set of axis, not append to the existing saved file.

Is there something I should know? I would appreciate any feedback on this matter.

Maria Khomenko
University of Toronto, Argon Team