problem with .matplotlibrc

I tried to implement a simple .matplotlibrc file. The

    > contents are: #figure.figsize:12,9 lines.linewidth:1.0

    > I get the following traceback:

You are trying to load backend gtk and don't have it installed. You
should not implement your own rc file, but rather edit the one in


(or wherever python is installed). This is discussed in the rc file
header, also found at
Once you have edited it, move it to another directory, your HOME dir.
On win32, you will need to set the HOME environment variable to point
to this dir. If you edit it in place, it will work, but will be
overwritten next time you install matplotlib.

My best guess is you mangled the rc file and your backend is being set
to backend_gtk or backend_gtkagg. If indeed you want gtk or gtkagg,
my second guess is that you haven't properly installed the pygtk