Problem with matplotlib

Out of the country. I am cc’ing the matplotlib list.


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Greetings, first, sorry to bother you… I am working using

the matplotlib, and i am having some strange problems with

my application. When i execute in some pcs, there is no

problem at all, but in others pcs, i receive this message:

File “pylab.pyc”, line 1 in ?

File “matplotlib\pylab.pyc”, line 203 in ?

File “matplotlib\axes.pyc”, line 14 in ?

File “matplotlib\agg.pyc”, line 5 in ?

File “matplotlib_agg.pyc”, line 12 in ?

File “matplotlib_agg.pyc”, line 10 in ?

ImportError: Dll Load Failed

All the pc’s have Windows Xp, most of them Pentium 4, some

are Pentium D. I don’t know what may be the issue. All those

pcs have the same software, just different hardware, i hope

you could help me with this little problem. Thanks in advance…

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