Problem with matplotlib: "no module named _transforms"

Dear NG, I have a problem mwith the installation of

    > matplotlib under redhat 9 and python 2.3.2. I first
    > updated all relevant packages (see [1]). Building
    > matplotlib with default seemd to be ok, except
    > two types of warnings (see [2]). Install showed no errors
    > as well. When importing matplotlib I get the following
    > error:

The warnings you posted are completely harmless.

    > What could be the problem? The directory
    > /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/ contains
    > and but no -
    > is that ok?

Yes, this is OK. There is no

My guess is you are trying to run matplotlib from the build dir. You
cannot do this, because python finds the matplotlib src dir named
matplotlib and tries to load that. There is no _transforms module in
that dir, but there is in site-packages so you should be OK. cd into
another directory, ie your home dir or the examples dir, and try from

This problem bites a number of users. Perhaps we should rename the
base matplotlib python dir in the src tree to something like