problem with imshow and ps+xpdf backend

I realize this is way outdated now, but I came across the same problem. My imshow command would display fine in the
xwindow and all plotting devices except for .ps. Taking the advice you guys gave, I tracked it down

to pdftops in the []( file. I changed the command from:

command = 'pdftops -paper match -level2 "%s" "%s" > "%s"' % (ptype, tmpfile, pdffile, outfile)


command = 'pdftops -paper match -level1sep "%s" "%s" > "%s"' % (ptype, tmpfile, pdffile, outfile)

Now the images look fine in postscript. For some reason, my pdftops does not like -level2 postscript.

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On 16/10/2007, Darren Dale <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> These reports almost always turn out to be a problem with one of the external

> dependencies. I see no difference between the two results on my machine.

> pdftops-3.00
> GPL Ghostscript 8.60
> python-2.5.1
> svn mpl
> Gentoo ~amd64

You are right. I removed xpdf-utils from my machine and installed

poppler-utils instead (which on Ubuntu conflicts with xpdf-utils). The

result is now correct.
Thanks for your help!!

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