Problem with ganged candlestick plots

Hello, When I run the following script, the ganged

    > candlestick plots appear as expected. However, there is a
    > second plot behind but sticking out (with different x and
    > y axes) that shouldn't be there. Am I not doing this
    > correctly? I can't see where in the code below I am
    > mistakenly creating two plots that overlap, or is there a
    > bug with ganged candlesticks?

Hi Thomas,

Delete the line that reads

  sub = subplot(1, 1, 1)

you are creating a subplot that you never use. subplot and axes are
both Axes creations commands. Since you manually create your axes
with axes, you don't need the subplot.

There is a problem with ganged plots in that the ytick labels tend to
overlap at the borders. You can fix this using a custom tick
formatter - I can help you with this if you need.