Problem with events when interactive is on

Benjamin Root <ben.root@...83...> writes:

iPython can do some special things with matplotlib's interactivity when
invoked in certain ways (hence why it was called "interactive" python). I
don't know the particulars of what ipython does, but this does not surprise
me. Does everything work as you expect in interactive mode through regular
Ben Root

Well, I don't know what's the expected behavior. If I set interactive to no,
then my script works OK in python (and also in ipython, btw). If I set it to
yes, though, the figures appear and are closed as soon as the script ends in
python, and they stay open but with the custom events non-functional in ipython.
That might be the expected behavior, and I started to see this behavior because
something changed in ipython (maybe the default was non-interactive before, or
something more complicated in the way ipython deals with matplotlib). I searched
the documentation about details of how interactive works and/or any caveats, but
didn't find much, and hence the question here.
For now I'll turn off interactive, as that seems to make my scripts work as they
did before.