Problem with events and window resizing

Jorge Scandaliaris <jorgesmbox-ml@...83...> writes:

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I couldn't come up with a simple example showing the problem. My attempts so
ended in working examples. I did find a change in my code that triggers the
problem: My code uses a modified version of the lasso_demo example, contains
axes, where I draw an image with imshow and a collection of circles with
scatter. Originally scatter was called with a fixed size for all points, and I
just changed it so each points gets a different size.

Just don't ask me why this seemingly innocent change affects (breaks) the
handling. I hope somebody can give me some hints. I'll keep checking the code

Because I couldn't reproduce the problem on simple examples, and also because I
have time constraints related to my work, I decided to go on ignoring this
problem (I can always avoid resizing windows...). This afternoon, I realized
that the problem had not appeared during the whole day, but then realized that
because I was debugging some changes introduced in my code, I had been using
very small images. After switching back to normal sizes, the problem came back.

So, I modified the lasso_demo, increasing progressively the number polygons
drawn. When I reached 100000 polygons, I was able to reproduce the problem. It's
true that this a rather large number, but in my code it happens well below this
number, maybe because I assign a different color and size to each polygon. So my
previous observation that setting different sizes triggered the problem might
not be the real picture. It seems as if I was hitting some sort of limit.

Anyone would have a clue about what could be happening, or how can I try to
debug this?