Problem with

Using matplotlib 0.84, python 2.4, scipy 0.3.2, numeric 23.7

    > I get errors when running

What errors? The set/sep error alluded to below? This is actually
fixed in 0.84 and CVS. Unfortunately, the web site may not have been
updated. Grap the 0.84 zip or tar.gz file for the latest examples
dir, and I'll try and get the web site updated soonish.

    > Since the demo scripts are for educational purposes and
    > primarily used by newbies, I have a couple of suggestions.

    > 1. Don't use import *

    > 2. Don't import functions from submodules, instead use the
    > submodule name when calling the function. It makes it much
    > clearer to see where the function came from.

Reasonable suggestions all, and ones that have been brought up many
times before. I believe there is a balance between teaching and
convenience. For many new students, they just want the functions to
*be there* eg, rand, fft, psd, and don't want to sort out where they
come from. This is doubly or triply true considering the namespace
issues of Numeric, numarray, and scipy (quick, where does rand live in
numarray, scipy, Numeric, matplotlib and old scipy?). But I also
agree that it is healthy to force people to think about these issues
and learn the origins of these packages. So my rule of thumb is to
use namespaces when writing new examples, and to accept patches for
old ones. If you could resubmit your patch against matplotlib CVS I
would be happy to make the changes.