problem with annotate

Yes, setting annotation_clip=False did fix it. I will try to send a minimal
example. ATM, my example is not at all minimal, but I suspect that you can
easily reproduce this with any plot where the x axis is set so that the
rightmost point is on the edge of the graph, and annotation is set to right
justified (which should make the annotation visible, within the bounds of the

Jae-Joon Lee wrote:

Can you post an standalone example?
Maybe you want to set the *annotation_clip* parameter to False?




On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 10:19 PM, Neal Becker > <ndbecker2@...287...> wrote:

Using horizontalalignment='right', it seems that if a point lies on the right
edge of the plot, the annotation does not appear, even though (since the text
should be right aligned), the text would have been on the plot and be

Any workaround?


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