problem reading data file in


Tks vm for your reply. I was able to get the script
to run with your "examples" directory. Much

However, when I unzipped the files over my
site-packages directory and re-ran the script, I got
the following error:

C:\Matplotlib\matplotlib src\examples>python Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 4, in ?
    from matplotlib.matlab import *
line 134, in ?
    from axes import Axes
line 9, in ?
    from artist import Artist
line 4, in ?
    from transforms import identity_transform
line 181, in ?
    from _transforms import IDENTITY, LOG10, Func,
FuncXY, PolarXY
ImportError: cannot import name IDENTITY

C:\Matplotlib\matplotlib src\examples>

Is version 0.54.2 not the correct starting point for
doing this unzip? If solving this is a hassle, I
don�t mind going back to the old 0.54.2 and waiting
for the bug fixes that come with the next proper

Tks again,




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"Thomas" == Thomas Barket

<thomas_barket@...9...> writes:

    > Hello, i cant get to run
correctly. it
    > seems there is a problem reading the data
    > specifically using numarray/Numeric's
"fromstring" on the
    > example data files. the first result
below is with
    > numarray and the second is with Numeric.
im using python
    > 2.3.4 and matplotlib 0.54.2 win32 for
python 2.3.

Where are you getting the examples dir from? I notice
that I failed to upload a zip file that includes the
examples directory with the
0.54.2 release. Are you using one from a previous

It looks like you make have a corrupt stock data file.
I was able to load the stock_demo example using both
the numeric and numarray win32 builds, with either
numerix setting in my rc file.

I did, however, discover a bug in the navigation code
in that example related to data clipping.

The zip file below fixes the latter problem. Unzip it
in your site-packages dir (do not remove the old
matplotlib code, just unzip this over it)

And get a fresh examples dir from

Hope this helps,